Talk & Workshop for Agencies: Designing for a Sustainable Culture

I’m quite excited about a talk & workshop program I am offering to design agencies who are interested in sustainability or want to explore what role sustainability could play in their work and how it might expand their portfolio.

The NYC-based agency C&G Partners was the first to experience it last summer. They are an award-winning agency who works with major cultural organizations including MoMA, Smithsonian, and the US Holocaust Museum.

“The great Pacific Garbage Patch three times the size of France may be an inescapable reality, but the circular economy and design can provide a sustainable solution according to independent strategist Katja Bartholmess who presented at this month's Culture Crunch: Design for Sustainable Culture. Along with explaining circularity and its practical applications by major corporations, Katja detailed how design plays a large part in the new economy through product development, services, and engineering as well as influencing behavior.” Read the full article here.

Please reach out if you’re interested in hosting a talk & workshop (or either) at your organization. “Designing for a Sustainable Culture” is currently available to clients in London, Berlin, and NYC.


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