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I'm Katja Bartholmess, the principal strategist at Gimme Gorgeous and I'm all about creating actionable strategies for your marketing, brand building, and business development endeavors. 

It's my job to help clients see the bigger picture, recognize larger opportunities, and map creative and impactful paths to realize and secure them.

In the past decade+, I have lent my services and strategic advice to an array of clients from digital startups, Fortune 500 companies, to leading agencies. While focusing on providing high level insights and directions, I partner with trusted service providers and agencies who can execute flawlessly.

The Gimme Gorgeous Approach

We work with ambitious brands and companies that want to recognize and fullfill their potential. This starts with helping them better understand themselves, their products and services, and their customers. It continues with capturing insights that spark new directions and perspectives, and ends with exploring and plotting paths into a bright brand future.

It’s all about making strategy “actionable.” That’s why the Gimme Gorgeous approach is a collaborative, emergent (some say addictive) process that gets everyone involved, invested, and excited. Whether you call it a journey or a bootcamp, it makes sure that the strategies are actually adopted and the recommended paths actually pursued. Because that’s the key to success.