In a Nutshell


Looking to recognize and fullfil the potential of your brand, company, and organization?

Let's go! Together we'll explore and plot roadmaps into a bright brand future using customized programs that best suit your goals and organization.

Clients range from startup to Fortune 500: Bringing business acumen, anthropological insights, strategic mind, and creative heart to every project

Advising CEOs, CMOs, Agencies, and Founders using emergent and collaborative techniques

Industry agnostic, digitally and socially-minded, well-versed in B2B and B2C

Passionate about Circular Economy and Sustainability and what it could mean in the context of brands, trends, marketing, and growth and their relationship to people & planet (Check out our blog Stuff about Stuff)

Deeply rooted global and international expertise: A native of Germany who lived and worked across the globe in Europe, Africa, and Asia before taking root in New York City

High level insights & actionable roadmaps and directions, while partnering with trusted service providers and agencies who execute flawlessly