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Guiding Companies from status quo to bright future

Strategy Consulting for CEOs, CMOs, agencies, and founders who are ready to position their companies, products, and campaigns for success. Based in NYC.

Brand Building Program

A rigorous program designed to give new brands a firm foundation, a unique position and a clear compass how to reach a bright brand future.

This is best suited for startups and companies that are positioning themselves for the first time or are re-positioning themselves in a comprehensive way.

Let's make sure it's all off to a fantastic start. Together, we'll keep you on track to build a differentiated brand that deserves its place in a crowded market.

The goal: (Re-)Position for success!

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Align For Success

A transformative strategy program for companies that want to align their teams, stakeholders, and service partners around common goals.

Rest assured: You don’t need to have a defined question or problem. We’ll get there together. In a collaborative workshop, we'll shine a light on the status quo of your brand and business and formulate goals that the whole organization can rally around.

Be bold: Let's bring leadership, marketing, product, sales to the table and get super productive.

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People First Strategy

A human-centered program that helps companies shift their perspective from “what’s good for business” to “what’s good for the customer is good for business.”

Do you want to find out who your consumers really are and tailor your brand, products,  and communications to their needs, wants, and values?

It's never been easier to access the minds and motivations of consumers. And it's become best practice to reach audiences in extremely targeted ways. So let's dive in!

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Hi, I'm Katja Bartholmess

I'm the principal strategist at Gimme Gorgeous and I'm all about creating actionable strategies for your marketing, brand building, and business development endeavors. 

It’s my job to help clients see the bigger picture, recognize larger opportunities, and map creative and impactful paths to realize and secure them.

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Ambitious Brands Welcome

For over a decade, we have provided actionable and results-oriented strategies for marketing, brand building, and business development endeavors to an array of international clients from digital startups, Fortune 500 companies, to leading agencies.

Gimme Gorgeous is based in NYC.  We're industry-agnostic and  play in the B2B & B2C  space. Well-versed in tech innovation and U.S. and European markets. Open for engagements across the U.S. and Europe (especially London, Paris, Berlin).